Most costumes will need some kind of accessories to go with them, the most important being make-up. You might have the perfect witch costume complete with pointy hat and shoes, a great broom and wonderful dress. But what about your face? The costume parts together just won’t be complete if your face looks like it does everyday! You need make-up!

There are different make-ups for different genres of costume. A Witch might want to go with a slightly green foundation, add in shading, heavy eyebrows or go for a more glamour make-up. A Vampire would want a more living dead look with a grey, ashen foundation to build on. No matter how well you’ve put your costume together, it’s nothing without the finishing touch of make-up!

You’ll find all sorts of make-up kits for every costume need at costume shops during the Halloween season. If you are fortunate enough to have a year round Halloween store in your town, you’ll have plenty of time to put your look together for the up-coming Halloween festivities. Halloween Online offers a big section on costuming and make-up that you may find very helpful.