Many online costume stores offer a large selection of unusual costumes that can’t be found in department stores, or even costume shops. And shopping online allows you to shop well in advance of Halloween, avoiding the last-minute crowds and empty shelves, all without leaving your home.

Order your costume well in advance of Halloween. This gives you time to make sure that it fits well, fills your needs and to accessorize. For obvious reasons, most retailers of Halloween costumes don’t give refunds on costumes after Halloween has past, and this is understandable. But most will let you exchange or return unused costumes before October 31st.

Many online retailers do not actually stock the products they sell. They will pass the order to a distributor and the product(s) will be dropped shipped to you. The problem is that since they don’t actually stock their own products it often takes longer for you to receive your order, or they might be out of stock. We suggest that you only order from reliable online retailers such as those listed as sources in our “how-to” articles or those you’ve used before.

A costume is a costume, not! Quality of Halloween costumes vary greatly. Needless to say, the price is usually a good indicator as to the quality of a costume, but not always. Since Halloween comes only once a year, you want your costume to look great, and its worth spending a little more to really stand out in a crowd.

You may want to use your favorite costume over, year after year. This will require some care and repair. Make sure, before you put it away until next year, that it is free of make-up stains or rips or tears. Launder it according to manufacturers instructions and repair any damage to it. Invest in a garment bag to store it in and it will be ready for next years use when you want it

Pirate Costumes
Pirates are hot this year, after all, who wouldn’t want to be Captain Jack Sparrow™? Or maybe a sexy lady pirate? Let your imagination run wild and soon you’ll be off on a deserted island with your captive, a bottle of rum and your Pirate’s booty!

Elvira – Mistress of the Dark
As one of the most popular costumes of all time, Elvira’s dress, wig and accessories are a perfect choice for a sexy Halloween costume.
A Nightmare Before Christmas
There aren’t many people who didn’t love the movie “A Nightmare Before Christmas” and who wouldn’t want to be The Pumpkin King and his fair lady Sally?
Modern Classic Fiends
Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger are our Big 3 choices for three of the most notable supernatural killers around and they all make great costumes to slash your way through Halloween night.
Frankenstein and his Bride
If you love to dress as a couple for parties, here’s a great set of costumes for you! The Frankenstein’s Monster and the Bride Of Frankenstein.
The Addams Family
“They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky, the Addams Family!” This year, you can be Morticia, seductive wife of Gomez Addams. Get your favorite guy to dress as Gomez, a small woman or girl for Wednesday and a stout or padded person for Fester.

As one of the most popular Halloween costumes, the Witch can be beautiful, sexy and seductive or scary and frightening. Maybe all of them rolled into one! A pointed witches hat will finish the costume off.

The Grim Reaper
What Halloween Haunt or Graveyard would be complete without Mister Bones himself, the Grim Reaper, watching ominously over your Trick or Treaters? This foreboding figure is actually very easy to put together, always stands out and is a great way to scare mortals to death, and not just on Halloween!

From sinister to sexy, vampires, those undead creatures that raise from their coffins at sunset to go in search of victims to give those nasty hickeys to seem to be the favorite of all monsters in the horror genre. Literally, thousands of movies and television shows have portrayed them. A coffin-load of different vampire costumes are available from extremely low cost to elegant, high-end apparel. Whether you want to spend Halloween night as a classic vampire or modern age one, there’s a costume for ever persona.
All Hallows Eve is the time that spirits come back walk the earth, so what better time can you think of to be a ghost yourself?